Friday, May 9, 2014


We are very excited to announce the launch of our kickstarter campaign! We are planning on doing some major renovations to give our space a little face lift. As many of you have realized we have been making little changes in the restaurant over the past year (well since we opened in January of 2011).  When we first leased the space, we converted it from a cafe to a full service wood fired pizza restaurant with just over $20,000. We spent many late nights working in the cold to create what now is Girasole. We repurposed doors to make our tables, old roofing to furnish our counter, spent hours searching the rebuilding center for sinks, faucets, scrap wood. Emily taught herself how to mason a stone wall while building a stone wall to enclose the oven and on the face of the fireplace. We took numerous trips to ikea figuring out all our lighting. Pretty much lived in Home Depot. We were constantly covered in paint. Mostly we were exhausted. When we finally opened our doors we had no more then $10 left in the bank. We had a lot of visions and ideas that we couldn't even entertain because of our budget and time frame.
Back in October we renewed our lease for another 3 years. We decided that it was time to turn the space into something we were truly proud of, something that matched the restaurant of our dreams. We started making this possible by breaking down old pallets and nailing them onto our big yellow concrete wall, not an easy task! We took down the kids area (that was causing chaos and being destroyed) and built a pallet stage. We got our liquor license and have been slowing add to our cocktail menu. We recently were an awarded a mini grant for exterior improvements! Which we plan to use for better signage, painting a "Wood Fired Eats" mural, and to fix our exterior lighting.
In order for us to complete the transformation we want, and to appeal to a large variety of community members we need to update our floor-plan. We would like to renovate our space to improve its functionality and incorporate the construction of an actual bar (not our current "bar" made out of the old bathroom door, cut in half and mounted to the counter).
We are very hopeful and excited, along with very nervous to launch our kickstarter campaign. We are asking for $29,000 to cover most of our expenses. If we are able to complete our goal, we will have an amazing space to share with the community and look forward to welcoming many new faces! Thank you for your time and please click on the link and check out our incentives. Every dollar counts!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Attention: Loyal Patrons of The Kids Area

Our sincerest apologies to any families that have been inconvenienced do to the removal of the Kids Area.  We have six children between the two of us under the age of 8 years old.  We understand the need for a family friendly restaurant.  However the Kids Area created a chaotic atmosphere that extended upon the limits of its walls, making it difficult for others to enjoy their experience.  We would like to maintain the family friendly environment and encouraging children to sit at the table by offering a basket of coloring books, crayons, coloring pages and educational toys.  In place of the Kids Area we will be building a small stage for everyone to enjoy!  Thank you for your continued support as we make this transition to appeal to a broader range of community members.
Brittany & Emily
(The Owners)
The families behind Girasole!

Monday, July 8, 2013

Girasole's Next Chapter!

You know your life is a little chaotic when you spend over half an hour looking for socks and you end up wearing one short purple ankle sock and your 6 year olds long pink piggy sock. Yup, last week I wore a children’s pink piggy sock to work. Since we opened Girasole in January 2011 a lot has happened in our lives. We started as a family of six: myself, my husband Jake and our daughter Sage, and then my business partner, Emily and her two children Lucius and Kerian. Since then we have added not one, not two, but three babies to our family! I had Olive in October 2011 and Hazel this past January, and Emily had baby Sawyer just this last April. With these new additions to our lives things can get pretty crazy, especially when you throw a restaurant in the mix.
With that being said and with that very brief window in to our windstorm of a life, we have decided to make some changes! We are extremely excited about these changes and we really hope the community can understand where we are coming from. We recently hired Chef AJ Burrows, who is new to Oregon. He moved here with his wife and two children from Michigan where he owned a farm to plate restaurant that used all local and seasonal produce and meat. We sat down with AJ and told him about our plans to take more of a back seat in the restaurant and focus on some of the details we have been too busy to deal with in the last two and half years. He seemed very excited about taking on this new adventure with us and so the fun began. 
We started trying out various recipes, concepts, going through reports, checking out old facebook threads on the neighborhood page and much more. Finally we made some big decisions. Are you ready for it?
First big piece of news, we will be closed for lunch on the weekdays. Now for many of you this shouldn’t affect you at all, but for those of you it does we are truly sorry! After looking over reports and doing some serious math we decided it just wasn’t worth the extra staffing, ingredients, and time to be open with what it took away from being totally ready for dinner. In addition we are refocusing our menu to highlight the incredible dinner entrees that our oven can produce. 
Its not every day you get to eat out of an authentic wood fired oven. We all love pizza and nothing compares to one fresh out of a wood fired oven, but there is so much more that we can do. Therefore we will be slimming down the pizza options, however have no fear there will be a build your own option! We will be saying goodbye to our current sandwich selection but adding even better ones. Including a pulled pork sandwich from a pork shoulder smoked overnight in the oven, a pulled BBQ chicken sandwich with chicken perfectly roasted in the oven, and an arugula pesto stuffed Portabella mushroom sandwich all on Grand Central Bakery pub buns served with fresh herbed Tuscan fries! 
We will also we adding several entrĂ©e dishes, including but not limited too wood fired streak, roasted chicken, lamb chops, and a weekly seafood special. You can also expect some changes with our pastas, where we will be adding housemade gnocchi and a daily pasta special with fresh made pasta! We will be locally sourcing all our meat and eggs, and as much produce as possible. We are also expecting to have our full liquor license in the next few weeks, and will be adding some refreshing and unique signature cocktails and other drink specials. We will be open Tuesday through Friday 4pm until close and open for brunch on the weekends from 9am until 2pm, and then the new menu will be available from 2pm until close. 
Don't think we forgot about the kiddos, Tuesday's children under 10 eat free with the purchase of an adult meal! Starting tomorrow, Tuesday July 9th, we will be closed for lunch, opening at 4pm,  switching up the sandwiches, and kids will eat free!!!